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The Citadel banner with the sword within the ever turning wheel of time surrounded by six wings for the six gods.

State Title – Citadel the Holy
CapitolTal Clo
Population – ~500,000
Common RacesHumans Sidhe Drayden
Main Exports – foreign trade, religious artifacts, glass

If Remanas is the seat of government in Terrasia, then Citadel the Holy is the seat of Religion. Named for the Citadel of the Six Gods that was built in the capitol city of Tal Clo during the Second Empire, Citadel is a Mecca for many of the religions of the country. While most of the state is uninhabitable savannah and desert, the coast is a bustling hive of seaports and towns. After the loss of Orran Moth, Citadel became the gateway to the world outside and almost all foreign trade comes through its ports.

In the past the crossing of the desert had been seen as a rite of passage for pilgrims who wished to visit the city of Tal Clo, but with the advent of steam powered trains and rock powered air ships the desert doesn’t seem as ominous a journey to those that can afford the luxury. This has not stopped the truly devout from making the trek on foot though. These pilgrimages are the reason for the very few settlements made in the desert of the state. Most other citizens that avoid the coasts are nomadic.

The architecture of Tal Clo reflects its varied faiths, a beautiful mess of gothic and arabian style buildings jutting out of the sands of desert and beach alike. Sometimes called the City of Temples it is often joked that there are more places of worship than residential homes within the city limits. The Pantheon of the Six Gods, Order of the Sole Truth, Raven Cloaks, Indigo Company, and Law of the Astral Shards all call Tal Clo their home city. While in theory one would believe this would make the city the most peaceful the opposite seems to be true, all the varying beliefs causing extremists and violence to break out on occasion.



Heroes from Citadel are often astute leaders in faith. They are paladins and priests. They are Drayden, Seaflung Humans, and Seelie Sidhe who are weatherworn and dark, having grown in a state with both harsh weather and harsh beliefs. They are strong in both physicality and perseverance and rarely change their views on life for anyone.


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