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The Ellendor Banner shows a gauntlet holding a sword representative of its royal background and the families of knights that have come through its borders.

State Title – Ellendor the Stout
Capitol CityHigh Ell
Population – ~500,000
Common RacesHumans Sidhe Dwarves
Main Exports – craftsmen, knights, education

While not as all encompassing as its sister state Remanas, Ellendor the Stout is a progressive City-state and a major trade destination, sitting in the nook of the River Loren and River Tyroque. Much of its business is done with boatmen that travel the rivers and end up trading with Milesworth and the Neverending Mile. High Ell, the capitol of Ellendor makes up most of the state.

High Ell is built upon the ruins of the Capitol of the Second Empire, and is called the Tiered City. Six Tiers make up the city, the farthest out, and largest, are the Vertical Farms, massive farms that spread out of the ruins of the lower tiers and into the rest of the state. The Vertical Farms encircle the Hollow Tier, a tier that is mostly empty, except for the homeless that wander the ruins of the city that High Ell used to be in the Second Empire. Farther in is the Lower Tier, where most of the citizens live. The Mid Tier is the business district, and it is almost impossible to hear anything over the constant haggling and calling of salesmen. The High Tier is where all the rich and connected citizens live. They surround the final tier which is the Castle of Spires, a fortress made up of nothing but towers that an insane baron built in the Third Empire.

People of power in Ellendor tend to be businessmen and women instead of politicians. While Remandar is often considered the Old Rich and the people who are politicians due to their family ties and connections, much of High Ell are Nouveau Riche and people who rose through the ranks through shrewd business practices.



Heroes from Ellendor are always cityfolk, as there isn’t much to the state besides High Ell. They’re Humans, Seelie Sidhe or Over Dwarves that are good with their hands. People who grew up working hard and are now ready to see the world. Even with the magic vs technology clash happening right next door High Ell works mostly off of technology and psionics, as they make business easier, and technology is much easier to control than magic.


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