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The Fareth Banner showing the deer that is related to the Third Empire, the Lions related to the Architects Guild and the hollow sun (or the moon) representing Gnomes’ patron god.

State Title – Fareth the Lifted
Capitol CityThe Far Place
Population – ~750,000
Common RacesHumans Gnomes
Main Exports – floating stones, precious metals

The northern state of Fareth the Lifted is home of the Gnomes. In the Third Empire it was the seat of the Capital, the haunted ruins of which still stand on the southern edge of the state. Now the largest city in the state is The Far Place a city anchored in the mountains.

The Far Place is literally anchored at that, as it is a floating city built upon on of the largest floating stones ever found, and then chained and held by four great statues carved from the very mountains. Long ago Humans made almost all of Fareth their home, but after the war that brought the end of the Third Empire most were either eradicated or left on their own deep in the mountains, forgetting their pasts. The Gnomes, a race that likes to remain distant from the other races that they believe below them, moved in taking over much of the state. The Far Place is one of the few times gnomes are seen living away from the earth that they normally live so close to.

Fareth is home to some of the best architects and builders in all the land. And it shows in the beautiful and powerful structures found all throughout the state. The Far Place being the crowning achievement. The other thing the state is known for is being the main port of all the air ships that over time have become a common sight in the skies of Terrasia. The Airship Pilot Academy is homed in the Far Place, training many young captains.



Heroes hailing from this state are either Gnomes, or grand air ship sailors. While gnomes rarely leave their epic halls and homes to venture into the outside world, air ships are seen all over the land. Gnomes who do leave, while normally highly educated, can often be disliked for they are elitists that have a hard time breaking their habit of looking down on other races, or those they think of as lesser than them.


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