Float Stone

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Float Stones

One of the most, if not the most, influential forces on Terrasia, the whole planet in fact, are the Float Stones. An ore of unique composition Float Stones have a distinct magnetism and buoyancy. When heated Float Stones sink, when cooled they float. This phenomenom has shaped everything from the lay of the land, to the very technology used by its people.


Near the equator, in the desert, the heat is too high consistently to have Float Stones rise. In fact Float Stones sink into the earth, the places with higher concentrations of them sinking below sea level.

Farther north it is so cold Float Stones always float, sometimes high into the stratosphere, causing rugged mountains to spike out of the surface.

But in the temperate zones are perfect for farming Float Stones. In the summer months they lay scattered across the plains, disrupting crops and occasionally destroying property. But as summer fades to fall and the northern winds blow they start to rise, and the Float Stone Herders arrive. Using huge chains, metal nets, Pteroverns and Airships they chase down Float Stones, harvesting them and selling them on the market. Float Stones are insurmountably important to the rise of fast travel and technology in Terrasia.

a_song_for_lya__by_grr_martin_by_marcsimonetti-d68qczf.jpgIt didn’t take long for the peoples of Terrasia to figure out that cooling the stones,
by magic or other means, could give them permanent levitation. And it wasn’t soon after that grand cities were built atop floating mountains in the sky. The most famous in Terrasia being The Far Place so far north that it is permanently floating above the mountains,
chained in place. The other would be the lost Kurasa Capital, chained above High Ell
during The Third Empire. But during the Bleak War the chains were cut and the city floated off, no one seeing it again.


The key to Airships in Terrasia are, of course, Float Stones. Inside the bowels of each ship is a large Float Stone that they heat or cool as needed to raise or lower the vessel. This frees up the top of the ship to have masts, allowing the control of the wind to steer the ships through the sky. This took longer to master than floating cities, as they needed to build ships that could contain the Float Stones without having the stones rip right through the hull whenever they were cooled. But once mastered they dominated the skies. While still more expensive to build than sea ships they were a valuable resource, and many were built during the Bleak War.

Though after the war ended, and the Trade Embargo was placed on Terrasia the Airships weren’t as useful as they once were. Many fell into disrepair, or worse into the hands of Sky Pirates who now use them to ravage not only the other Airships but distant lands as well.


As we enter the Great Expansion and the rise of technology it’s Float Stones that are the core of clean energy. Heating and cooling, rising and sinking, small Float Stones can do everything from pumping pistons to turning cogs. This discovery has rocketed science into the forefront of society. It wasn’t long until trains were invented, endless tracks and locomotives crisscrossing the countryside. They say that in the University of High Knowledge automatons assist in the filing of books and scrolls, and are servants in the households of the wealthy.

Everyday new discoveries and inventions are being put out onto the streets, and all of this is possible due to Float Stones.


Float Stone

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