Hygiene and Toiletries in Terrasia

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Hygiene and Toiletries in Terrasia

An ever growing and evolving world Terrasia is also changing on its mundane fronts, such as at home and in the water closet.


18w5stjald5ywjpg.jpgAqueducts were introduced very early in the history of Terrasia, and were necessary in some of the more arid parts of the land. Following aqueducts sewers were dug through many of the cities. But the class separation and use of magic by the rich prevented modern pipes and plumbing from being introduced for years. But the rise of science and the distrust of magic required new ways for water to be delivered from place to place. Plumbing can be found in the homes of the rich as they have functioning sinks and tubs.


Cleanliness is considered a sign of wealth. The upper class meticulous in grooming themselves, bathing and cleaning themselves daily and wearing many heavy perfumes. Running sinks and individual tubs are popular fixtures in the homes of the upper class. Many wealthy families have their hand in the perfume industry allowing them to create their own custom scents to be worn on a daily basis.



The lower castes suffer from a lack of places to clean themselves. There are public bathhouses throughout the land, mostly split by male and female, but sometimes also split by race. While always open to the public, most don’t manage to make it everyday, often going a week before able to bathe themselves properly. The use of these public bath houses also mean that nudity is much more common in Terrasia, as there is nothing uncomfortable about seeing another person of your gender nude.

116fccfb7a2043adf9de4c72cd609590--wash-stand-water-pitchers.jpg Because plumbing does not run through the older parts of the cities and is virtually non-existent in rural parts of Terrasia, the most common way of cleaning, whether body, dishes or clothes, is to keep buckets of water, collected from either the nearby well or river, and fill up basins as needed. Many homes contain hand and face washing stands like the one seen to the left in their homes, either in the bathrooms or in their bedrooms.

Though with cleanliness used by the upper class to separate themselves from those below them, people who wish to appear wealthier than they are are known to purchase or make their own perfumes and wear heavy amounts to cover up how infrequently they bathe. They have also been known to hang around baths, bathing everyday and earning the name “Bath Boys” which is slang for those that wish to appear bougie or don’t want to be associate with those of the same caste.




Terrasia has a bathroom system that is built around squatting and the lack of plumbing until recent years. Toilets aren’t used in Terrasia, instead bathrooms use troughs for squatting over. In lower class neighborhoods these are opened over the sewer directly, with a trapdoor pulley system to “flush” the toilet and drop any unmentionables into the sewer, but then to also keep anything from crawling out of the sewer into the home.

The older and poorer neighborhoods don’t even have bathrooms in their home, but all the public bathhouses do included public restrooms. A trough is also a sign of class, lower classes having wooden or clay squat toilets, while richer families have porcelain or stone squat toilets.

man-in-sitting-squatting-pose-on-white-vector-clipart_csp40958809.jpg Sitting toilets are not a completely alien concept to some of Terrasia. Other countries in the world use sitting or box toilets and have tried to introduce them to Terrasia. But resistant to change and the health benefits of squatting keep most everyone in the country using their traditional troughs.


Hygiene and Toiletries in Terrasia

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