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The Milesworth Banner with the golden weight, weighing money (a gem) against power (a flame)

State Title – Milesworth the Neverending
Capitol CityThe Neverending Mile
Population – ~950,000
Common RacesHumans Sidhe Drayden Gnomes Dwarves Drow
Main Exports -Major Trade Route trading in all resources

Milesworth the Neverending is an anomaly as it isn’t so much a city-state as a trade route. Cutting its way across the center of Terrasia and touching borders with most states Milesworth is a series of roads, merchant villages and train tracks. Milesworth doesn’t have residents so much as employees who work the trade route. All trading and selling in Terrasia comes through Milesworth at some point.

Similar to Ellendor the politicians in Milesworth are actually businessmen with the most power. Men and women who have monopolies on silk and metals, who know how to manipulate and control the markets. Nothing about Milesworth operates like a normal city-state, and yet no other state could exist without it.

The capitol of Milesworth is The Neverending Mile, or The Moving City. And while it has a set location on maps (normally near Per CIty) it has no set location and moves across the trade routes like some huge nomadic fortress, setting down for a couple of months wherever it is needed. The Neverending Mile can be quite a sight in motion, a caravan the size of a massive city, made up of carriages, yurts and huge buildings on wheels, thousands of people moving at once.

Just as Fareth is home to air ships, Milesworth is home to trains. While trains are now used all over Terrasia, with tracks spreading out into the untamed wilds, they were born in Milesworth and most stations are spread across their trade routes.



Heroes who grew up in Milesworth are no strangers to travel, or to making money. They make great craftsmen or business consultants and can oft talk their way out of any situation. They are commonly any race, as money looks down on no one.


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