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The Per Banner with the harp and moon, representing the arts and knowledge that runs through the streets of Per City.

State Title – Per the Mountaintop
Capitol CityPer City
Population – ~750,000
Common RacesHumans Sidhe Gnomes
Main Exports – craftsmen, magic, technology, wares

Per, the Grand City Atop the Mountains. High Ell makes up most of the state of Ellendor, and Saranine holds most of the population of Sarrine, but Per is only Per City. There is nothing else, making it the smallest, but most densely populated state.

Per City Is the third largest city in Terrasia after Remander and Tal Clo. It is majestic and beautiful, and considered one of the most well protected places in the whole country. While Empires have come and gone, and the national capital has changed multiple times, there has always been Per City. It’s stood in the annuls of history for millennia. Built on top of mountains it is almost impenetrable, though Per is not filled with warriors, but instead with artisans. Craftsmen, builders, weavers, scientists, inventors, and potion makers all make their home here. On maps the Neverending Mile is often placed next to Per City, which is not much of a stretch as it often is near Per City, most of the wares used throughout all the states are made in Per.

The University of High Knowledge is physically in Per City. Some of the most intelligent and talented people come from the city, it is truly the glittering jewel in the mantle of Terrasia. In recent years though, the could war between science and magic has hit Per the hardest of any state for many of the citizens practice one or the other. Academies and guilds exist for both on every street. Some fear that it will even tear the city apart.



Heroes from Per are Humans, Seelie Sidhe, and Gnomes with strong ties to psionics, magics or crafting. Bards often hail from this city. Travelers from Per City are often looked up to as leaders and the most intelligent companions to be found anywhere.


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