Ravaging of Trees

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The Ravaging of Trees

Many consider The Fourth Empire as a time of great expansion, of rising science and technology, as a golden age. But for many Sidhe it is the Ravaging of Trees.

Starting in The Third Empire and specifically The Bleak War powerful magic users, hired by the kingdom to end the rebellion, scoured the land, burning many of it’s forests to the ground. Following the Bleak War and the Great Expansion trees were becoming a commodity, as families moved out of cities to settle the unsettled lands in Terrasia they chopped down trees, to build new homes, new cities.

But this can’t be blamed on solely the great expansion and the Bleak War of course. This issue reaches back into the history of Terrasia. Before the continent was united under a single front the central part were their own country, and as the central parts of Terrasia lack good ore many homes were built from wood, causing years and years of forests being chopped down for the use in their towns and cities, as well as their ships and navy.

Without the foresight to replant trees, and a heavier base of roots and bush vegetables in Terrasian diets, trees became an after thought that quickly meant the diminishing of the grand forests of Terrasia. By the time of the Bleak War the forests were small enough that grand spells almost wiped them off the planet.

One major forest still exists of course. Protected by Aborigine Sidhe as the entrance to the Feywild, the Grand Forest of Remanas still thrives in the west of Terrasia.

2d9c31458a07edc29a5e4539c2a6df12.jpg But it’s the Seelie Sidhe that have felt the affect of the Ravaging of Trees the most. Once rulers of Terrasia, having their own kingdoms, recently they have started to disappear from the courts and cities of Terrasia.

The first to disappear were those in the towns and villages, but even now high caste rich families are beginning to step down from their positions and taking their family away into the night. No one knows where the Seelie are going, where they are heading, or what is happening. As always they wrapped in enigma and tell no one their secrets. Many believe they are returning to the Grand Forest to enter the Feywild again, and yet those that know the hatred between the Seelie and the Aborigine Sidhe find this hard to believe.

Gnomes and Drow the other Fae race settling in Terrasia, do not have this same worry or predisposition for disappearing with the trees. Alas they also don’t know what the Sidhe’s plans are.


Ravaging of Trees

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