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The Remanas Banner showing the crown representing the seat of government and seven swords representing the seven ideals of Terrasia.

State Title – Remanas the Grand
Capitol CityRemander
Population – ~1,000,000
Common RacesHumans Sidhe Drayden Gnomes Dwarves
Main Exports – Grain, wood, silks, cotton

Remanas the Grand is the second largest and most populated City-state. The capitol being the massive city of Remander.

Remanas, the seat of the government and home to the largest city in Terrasia. The state itself is split into two parts, and three mindsets: East Remanas is mostly grasslands and fields, farms and untamed steppes stretch to the border of Sakot, the scattered citizens being simple and hardworking. Western Remanas on the other hand is mostly forest, home of many Sidhe and remains wild and untamed, no matter how civilized the rest of the state becomes.

The south east belongs to the third mindset, the dense and civilized Remander. The capitol is home to the Diet Politique. The city is so large that it almost consumes the smaller city of High Ell which borders it across the River Tyroque. A city of as much deception and shadows as light and hard work. Remander, just like the state itself, is a head-to-head clash of many ideals and lifestyles. Being the home of the government means arguments ricochet off the walls off its grand architecture. The University of High Knowledge, home of the greatest scientists and inventors have many representatives there as well as their greatest rivals, The Azure Academies. Many people await the day that a war of magic and machinery erupts in the very streets.

The Rebellion also hosts many protests and darker, shadier actions, in the very streets of the city. While The Government tries to squash these early the number of rebels grow daily and they are finding the situation rising to a level of almost terrorism.



Heroes who hail from Remanas embody one of the three mindsets of the city-state. Either being highly educated and from the city of Remander or it many suburbs spanning any of the primary races, or being from the plains, running the farms and making up the breadbasket of Terrasia, mostly Earthborne Humans and Saurian Drayden. Remanas is also the sole home of almost all the Aborigine Sidhe, running wild in the grand forests of the Feywild.

Remanas is a proud state either way, and everyone from it are normally highly regarded one way or another.


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