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The Romanos

ruin_seer.png Travelling from town to town, shrouded in mystery, the Romanos are gypsies of Terrasia. They are recognized by the vocal singing and jingling decorations as their caravans come around. Children and families come running to play their games, hear their stories and buy their cookies. But even with the joy that they bring to each town the Romanos are never trusted, never accepted.

Hundreds of years ago the Romanos were a royal family, a cousin of the king. But they were not content with being members of the court. The family at the time plotted to over throw the king, have him assassinated and to take his throne. Unfortunately for them the king uncovered their treachery and he had them arrested.

Instead of execution, the given punishment for treason, he had the whole family cursed, to roam forever blind, they shall never have a child that will see. He then banished them to roam the world.

212aedbd9d20b2c3388830da6aef9433.jpg Eons passed and the kingdom fell and everyone forgot about the Romanos and their royal lineage, everyone but the Romanos themselves. In that time they bred and grew and mutated a new power. While their vision never returned their third eye opened and the Romanos became a clan of prophets. This became the main source of income for the clan as they began to sell their future sight.

When the Drow were tossed to the surface the Romanos saw a kindred spirit. A large group of Drow joined the Romanos as they were both outcasts, helping them with their blindness, and travel.

And so the Romanos became nomads, gypsies travelling from town to town telling fortunes, singing songs and playing games. But their true claim to fame, the reason people flock to their wagons and carts are their Fortune Cookies.


Baking small crispy cookies that are hollow the real filling of which are fortunes written on small slips of paper. But these aren’t penny fortunes each slip is written by a Romanos for a specific person. Each cookie goes out in the world and somehow, through fate or some other force makes it to the destined person. Most of the cookies are empty those that are destined are filled.

But as if they are playing the lottery people will by cookies by the bowl full hoping one is for them. Though sometimes every one they open will be empty but their wife will come in and open the last one only to find a fortune just for her. As are the mysteries of the Romanos.


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