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The Sakot Banner showing the wheat for their crops and the falcon representative of the floating stones.

State Title – Sakot the Strong
Capitol CitySakota
Population – ~170,000
Common RacesHumans Drayden Dwarves
Main Exports – Grain, Food, Cattle, floating stones

Home of the Float Stone fields, Sakot the Strong is the flatland that make up the heart of Terrasia. Citizens of Sakot are known to be the hardest workers in all the land. Farmers, craftsmen and chainers, the dedicated men and women who hunt down the floating stones to capture and use for the building of airships, and other floating devices, build their villages and towns across the plains.

Sakota, the only city in the state, is small by comparison to the other capitols. The population fluctuating depending on the seasons of the crops. Though many of the people of Sakot deal directly with Milesworth for their trading and selling needs and never travel to Sakota.

Sakot is often considered a simple state. Without much to bring people to visit in from its borders. Though it is said there is nothing more beautiful than watching a herd of floating stones drift across the golden sea of wheat that many of the farmers grow. Politically it doesn’t hold much sway, nor has ever cared to. Of all the states Sakot and Sarrine hold the most unclaimed land. With the boom in technology and the population growth that years of peace and the return of the Under races has caused, many people are traveling out to the corners of Sakot and Sarrine to settle new land and make a home for themselves.

Sakot does have a large Gnoll population living in its unsettled portions and the Great Expansion has caused quite a battle with them as the civilized races push them from their homes and claim their lands.



Heroes from Sakot are either hardworking Earthborne Humans and Saurian Drayden, or adventurous settlers part of the Great Expansion. Many fledgling airship pilots travel to Sakot to practice with the chainers and learning the ways of the floating stones that will make the heart of their future ships.


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