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The Sarrine Banner with a ship and crossed blue.

State Title – Sarrine the Solid
Capitol CitySaranine
Population – ~150,000
Common RacesHumans Gnomes Dwarves Drow
Main Exports – Stone, metals

Snow and mountains fill Sarrine the Solid. Considered uninhabital by some, and new land ripe for the picking by others. The state of Sarrine is home to hardy people who love their city-state. Though of all the states the least amount of people live in Sarrine, belying the fact that it is the largest city-state in Terrasia.

Saranine, the capitol of Sarrine, holds 70% of the state’s population, housing many Drow, Dwarves and Gnomes. The city is tightly packed in a valley, between two great peaks.

Sarrine used to be ruled by frost giants before they long ago died out for some unknown reason. But the ruins, temples, and palaces of their civilization still stand, hidden and covered in the snow capped mountains. There is much to explore and the the extreme temperature has not scared away many of the Great Expansion.

Travel to Saranine in the heart of the state is often not direct, as many miles of mountains, ice, and monsters lie between it and the nearest city. Instead travel from the coast through the flowing rivers make the journey easier, meaning Vermer and Sarrine trade more than the actual neighboring states of Per or Fareth.



Heroes from Sarrine are often warriors of good pedigree, having had to survive the brutal winters and massive monsters that live in the mountains. They are often revered as the bravest men and women in all of Terrasia. Gnomes, Humans, Over and Under Dwarves alike, as well as the Drow, still new to the Overworld, make up a majority of the races living in Sarrine.


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