The Church of Dark Matter

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The Church of Dark Matter

The Pantheon of the Six Gods has many orthodoxies, the religion being so spread out and worshiped by so many, it is bound to be interpreted many ways by many peoples.

But of all the orthodoxies the one shrouded in most mystery is the Church of Dark Matter. Rising out of nothing at the beginning of The Fourth Empire the Church of Dark Matter challenged the traditional teachings of the Pantheon. For they did not look to belief to run their faith, but proof.

The explosion of science and the ability to research concepts never even dreamed of before allowed them to explore what it means to be a God. The belief of the Church of Dark Matter is that between the stars, between the Planes there is Dark Matter. Something unseeable, something unknown. Without mass, without energy, Dark Matter moves through everything, spinning ever so slowly, like the eye of a great storm.

It is believed that the Gods came from this Dark Matter, and that one day they will return.


The Church of Dark Matter is ran by six enigmatic Nuns. The Sisters of Dark Matter are consistently shrouded, keeping their true appearances a mystery. No one knows if these are ancient beings, perhaps Sidhe or Liches or if they are titles, passing on to new nuns once one of the six die.

Each of the Sisters represent one of the Six Gods, wearing masks and decorations to represent that God. While who or what they are maybe a secret two things are for sure: they are wealthy and influential. They helped found the University of High Knowledge and subsequently propel it into the cornerstone institution it is today.

Though if asked the University has a stout stance against religion and claims no connection to the Church of Dark Matter. The reason for starting the schools, what their purpose is, or why they’ve since been separated is just as much a mystery as who each Sister is.

xander-smith-arabguardians6.jpg Leading the Sisters is Mater Baryon, representing Corellon. She is a powerful and foreboding figure. Many say that she rules over the the church with an iron fist, making sure that every doctrine is followed to the last letter.

Their doctrine is ever evolving, growing in depth as more scientific discoveries come to light. The mortal races are star dust formed into living beings by the Gods. The Planes were created when the Gods created a massive explosion causing all things to be created from their very own Dark Matter.

Wealthy and powerful the Sisters were able to start their religion, but the followers were few until recently. As each year passes and the Gods appear less and less to their believers, more and more convert to the Church of Dark Matter. It’s easy to believe when you see your Gods, but when you have to rely on belief alone it’s better to turn to whoever can give you proof of your Gods.


The Church of Dark Matter

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