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The Vermer Banner showing the light that shines down from above and from the ever burning forges of the Dwarves.

State Title – Vermer the Enlightened
Capitol CityErmeer
Population – ~500,000
Common RacesDwarves Drayden Drow
Main Exports – Ores, metals, gems, wood

Vermer the Enlightened is the heart of the Dwarven community. When they came from the Underdark, into the light, they were where Vermer now stands, and they’ve spent the years since making it their home.

Vermer’s Dwarves live scattered across the city-state and though Ermeer is the capitol its population isn’t that much greater than the other cities in Vermer. Being filled with Dwarves and mountains Vermer is the state with the msot mines and where the most minerals and precious metals in Terrasia come from.

Not only does Vermer house the dwarven race, but the state is open to the other Under races. While Drayden often disagree with the cold many still live in the state, away from the judging eyes of the other races. The swamps to the east are home to most Drayden. Drow, while less common, also live in the mountainous state.



Heroes from Vermer are mostly of the Under races. Miners, travelers, and warriors that are strong and stout. They have strong connections with family, history and heritage. While powerful they are also rare for of the three races to leave, only Dwarves can walk around other states and not be judged, ridiculed, or face prejudice.


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