A Guide to Terrasia

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Terrasia is a Land of opposition, of change. Terrasia is home to cold wars and political intrigue. Here are some thoughts on the country:



Terrasia is varied and large in it’s cultures and people, but even so common threads run through. Terrasia is the Wild West through the Ottoman Empire. The architecture and fashion calls to mind Eastern European/Western Middle East with a fantasy twang. Buildings topped with domes and obelisks and people swathed in robes, capulets and turbans. Terrasia is entering an era similar to our Industrial Revolution, just before the Victorian Era, steam machines are spreading across the land, guns and muskets are becoming popular tools of war and militant fashion is becoming popular among men.

While steam powered, Terrasia hasn’t quite reached steampunk, landing more in the Edwardian time frame than that of the Victorian era. The Great Expansion has given rise to adventurers, settlers, and cowboys of sorts that roam the land, all aiming to claim a bit of the nation for their own, even if it means stealing it from the people already living there.



Horses are a rare sight in Terrasia, having traveled from over seas, for that are not native to the country. Almost all ridden and pack animals are reptiles. Large velociratptors are ridden instead of horses, while triceratop-like monsters pull caravans across the plains. People are known to ride on the backs of wyverns as well, soaring through the sky. And in the tundra of the north, furrier mammoth and tauntaun type creatures are common sights. Don’t expect to see horses, cows or donkeys around.


But animals are only one way of travel. The Industrial Revolution has given rise to steam powered trains that speed over tracks at brutal speeds. The floating stones found throughout the land and the steam technology have also given birth to airships, sky sisters to the galleys that ride the waves of the oceans. If you want to travel, the cheapest is by raptor, then by train, then airship, and most expensive are magic portals that are housed in each city.



The nature of the races in Terrasia, and the split of the Overland with the Underdark has given rise to much racism in the land. Often the racism is so ingrained that it is hard to overcome, and will split up groups, or remain the elephant in the room. While racism is scattered and hard to make simple the basic races view each other as such:

  • Gnomes are prejudiced to all other races, believing they are are the best race.

  • Drow are the most hated race. Drow aren’t even considered first class citizens by law and are often the victims of brutal attacks and public ridicule.

  • While, legally, Draydens are still second class citizens like the Drow, most races have grown to accept them, except Humans who still hold a deep seated grudge due to era that the Drayden ruled and tried eradicating them.

  • Many races also hold racisms towards their own subraces. Seaflung Humans often consider Earthborne Humans as simple, thugish folk and treat them as such. Seelie Sidhe and Aborigine Sidhe rarely see eye to eye and while technically the same race almost never interact with each other if they can help it.



Terrasia is split into 6 day weeks and 12 month years, for a 300 day year.

  • The six days of the week are Corelloday, Erathday, Moraday, Baneday, Sehaday, and Llothday.
  • The twelve months are (split up by season, with the season starting on the first day of their first month and ending the last day of their last month)
    • Summer: Fenaire, Sinoe, and Rimon
    • Autumn: Noren, Sycle, and Sabin
    • Winter: Hewfew, Koralen, and Nateru
    • Spring: Morin, Ella, and Fern
  • All months have 4 weeks except Sinoe (and planting month) and Sycle (the harvest month) having 5 weeks each.

  • Money in Terrasia is separated into 3 denominations. Pauper Pieces (PP), Lord Pieces (LP), and King Pieces (KP) or copper, silver and gold respectively. They all have holes in their centers and are often kept on ropes tied together. These coins have been used by both The Fourth Empire and the Third Empire. Occasionally adventurers will find coins and money from the previous eras, and collectors, and a few bankers will convert these to current amounts in town.



The rise of science in recent years has lead to an industrial revolution, similar to that in the Americas and Europe at the turn of the century. Steam and electricity are starting to appear in every city and town. Trains, airships and machines like one has never seen before are being invented. Psionics are giving technology the push that allows the creation of things that shouldn’t be invented for hundreds of years. The first robots have been spotted in major cities. Self propelled carriages are moving through the streets. Guns of all sorts are used in combat.

Instead of working with magic for the betterment of mankind, scientists and magicians are beginning to clash. Seeing each other as a threat, rather than opposite sides of the same coin. A cold war of sorts has started between the two sides, one that many fear will erupt into a full blown war between the two strongest forms of power in Terrasia.

While many of the common folk use some technology and some magic in their everyday life, they are quickly being forced to choose which side they stand on.



The Fourth Empire is a mostly peaceful one, and as such people have started to move out beyond their homes to explore the great reaches of the country. The final bits of land that have remained home to the wild tribes are now being taken over and civilized. The great forests are being chopped down and turned into cities. And ships and airships alike are traveling great distances to foreign countries to colonize. It is truly an age of exploration.

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