High Ell

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The Tiered City

High Ell is the capital city of Ellendor, and the sister city of Remander, as they are on opposite River banks from each other. High Ell is also known as the Tiered City and the City of Chains due to two major landmarks of the city. Of the 10 major cities High Ell is one of the oldest, spanning back to the 1st Era. The city has gone through many changes, including being the capital of Kurasa Kingdom in the 3rd Era.

In the 1st Era High Ell was known as Highguard and was the home of a mad Duke. Capturing many people to experiment on and cannibalize in a vain attempt to find the key to immortality. Some say he ended up selling his soul to the devil and his lich corpse still haunts the lowest catacombs of the High Tier.

Originally known as Highguard due to its tall fortified walls that completely surrounded the original city as the city grew new walls were built causing the “tier" effect that gives the city its nickname. Now there are 4 tiers each with varying levels of wealth. The center-most tier is known as the Castle of Towers and is where the old castle from the Kurasa Kingdom resides. Only the wealthiest and most influential live and work in this tier, including the current seat of the Ellendor Government.

The next tier is the Market Tier. Housing both the middle class and the major businesses of the city the Market Tier is the part of the city most viewed and visited by travelers.


Beyond the Market Tier are the last 2 tiers. The Beggars Tier and the Vertical Farms. While during the height of the 3rd Era these tiers bustled with people after the fall of the Kurasa Kingdom they have fallen into ruin and disrepair. Only the poorest and most dangerous of the city live in the Beggars’ Tier, housing criminals and orphans. The Vertical Farms are hardly part of the city at all. Instead the buildings in the farthest out tier, the newest, we’re farmed of their wood and stone to be used elsewhere. The remaining land was retilled and used as farmland. Though the farmers of the Vertical Farms are known for their resourcefulness and the fact that they’ve learned to grow specific crops up the fortified walls of their Tier. The farmland stretches out beyond the city to the ends of the small state. Only a couple of small hamlets and the creeping Remanas Forest break up the repeating patterns of fields.

But the Tiered City is only one nickname of High Ell. The City of Chains once had a floating Castle tethered above it’s towers. Huge chains, each link the size of a large carriage, held the Castle upon a Float Stone in place. The opulent palace was reachable only by teleportation gate or air travel separating it from anyone except the highest elite. Truly it stood as a symbol of the tyrannical caste system of the Kurasa Kingdom. During the uprising and revolution that brought about the 4th Era, the floating Castle was detached of it’s tethers by the rebel alliance. Falling to the city below (with the bodies of the king and queen, unceremoniously tossed from the castle above) the massive chains crushed entire neighborhoods and huge chunks of the walls. Where they lie still today a rusting reminder of the folly of hubris.

Being the city part of the City-State of Ellendor High Ell houses the state’s Government. And per law of Terrasia may govern how it sees fit. Ellendor uses a 3 arm checks and balances system, controlled by an elected governor, a council of Masters and finally the state guard. No one group of officials can override another and all 3 have equal power. Having felt the torment of the kingdom the strongest during the 3rd Era they worked the hardest to place an equal opportunity government made for it’s people.


The governor is currently Albert Reinlorn, a large man with a kind but business savvy heart. He has brought Ellendor into the modern era, using it’s prime trade location at the mouths of the Rivers Tyroque and Loren, and the first city inland of the Tal Clo peninsula, he created a trading hub of education and information. High Ell is now a city of Nouveau Rich seeing a rise in technology and homes the second largest University of High Knowledge, second only to Per City.

The second call to fame for High Ell are the Indigo Company. A guild of knights and defenders of the people that are descendant of the old Royal Guard. While operating all over the country and mainly in Remander next door, their basis of operation is within High Ell’s walls.

High Ell is a complex city filled with many different races and cultures converging. Known for it’s stout knights, humble farmers, and intelligent businessmen.

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High Ell

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