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The University of High Knowledge
Revolving around science and psionics, they don’t believe in any religion, nor do they use magic. They consider themselves scientists and the most educated of Terrasia. Artificers and Psionic Warriors often belong to the University rather than follow a deity. They spearhead the cold war between magic and technology. They have schools and labs across the land, but the main University is located in Per City.

The Magic Academy
The chain of schools that educate mages, sorcerers, wizards and warlocks. They hold an almost monopoly on the market of spells and incantations. They are very much against the University of Higher Knowledge. Almost all Magic Users attend the academies at some point. The alternative is apprenticeships, but those are also regulated by the Academies.

The Indigo Company
Protectors of the weak, they are made up of knights, mages and healers that are hired to protect villages and towns and help remove monsters from untamed lands. They’ve had a boom in business since the Great Expansion started.

Whisperers of the High Spirits
Tribesmen of western and northern Terrasia that instead of gods believe that everything has a spirit and should be treated with reverence. They are peaceful, but will protect those in need from what they believe to be destructive. They are almost entirely Druids.

The Neverending Merchants
A merchants guild that runs out of the Neverending Mile, they control a lot more than just trade routes, many are politicians, or control politicians. They have branches everywhere that Terrasia have trade routes and many people pay taxes to them for the delivery of goods.

Pantheon of the Six Gods
Holding more power than most religions. They control much of the government and it is often considered that the High Priests of the Pantheon and the Neverending Merchants are bedfellows, each supporting each other and keeping in the shadows of the government.


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