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The Pantheon of the Six Gods
The Pantheon of the Six Gods holds all the races in equal standing, for if the Six Gods equally created them, who are they to argue? Though they do not hold all religions to be equal, and High Priests in Tal Clo are quick to squash any religion that appears to be too popular and could threaten their power.


The Sidhe Orthodoxy
The Sidhe Orthodoxy is a branch of the Pantheon of the Six Gods that puts a heavier weight on Corellon. He is referred to as the God in Three. His faces being Corellon, the lead and god of magic, Lloth, his shadow and the god of darkness, and Melora, the god of peace. Or the Sky, The Earth, and the Sea respectively.


The Church of Dark Matter
Standing behind the University of High Knowledge, funding it and helping it rise to power so quickly, are the mysterious Sisters of Dark Matter. An orthodoxy of the Pantheon of the Six Gods, the followers of Dark Matter use science to validate religion. For many years they stayed in the shadows, but with the recent silence of the Gods has brought a renewed interest in the Othordoxy.


Followers of the Raven Queen
Also known as Raven Cloaks they are religiously fanatical thieves and assassins that believe in upholding the balance of Black and White. They steal from the poor and give to the rich. They run a huge operation out of the Neverending Mile and Remander. They solely worship their god the Raven Queen, and above all they make sure to keep the balance of Life and Death. Undead and those who seek eternal life are their greatest enemies. Humans and Gnomes can often follow this group, but Sidhe never do.


Believers of the One Sole Truth
A fledgling religion that is gaining enough traction that it’s starting to draw the ire of the High Priests of the Pantheon of the Six Gods. They believe that a single word created the whole universe and hold the power of words as holy. They are starting to become persecuted in the streets, especially in Citadel. Humans and Seelie Sidhe and Vaeldin Drow are most likely to believe in the power of words.


The belief system that existed before the Pantheon of the Six Gods took control. It’s thousands of years old, and is practiced by almost no one except old men and non conformists. They have a huge polytheistic system with a god for just about everything.


Law of the Astral Shards
Followers of the Law of the Astral Shards believe that all life came from the Astral Plane and it is everyone’s goal in life to reach the Astral Plane again. Followers of this are oft considered crazy hippies and are easily identifiable by the uncut gems they wear.

Followers of the Feral Gods
Mostly Gnolls, Goblins and Kobolds. Blood thirsty monsters more akin to demons than gods rule these tribes. Most other religions try to eradicate them.


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