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Magic in Terrasia draws both from the earth and yet breaks the laws of the earth. There are so many intricate concepts and rules to magic it is impossible to anyone to know them all.

Magic draws from Leylines that run through the worlds, river like wells of powers that are invisible to the naked eye, but subliminally draw magic to them. Powerful mages and magic creatures will often be found making their homes near Leylines, whether they realize it or not.

Because of the Leylines magic resonates in the very stones of the earth, and therefor in all things. All beings have the capability to use magic to some extent, though without training most never see it in themselves. Whole cities have been built around Academies for Magic and as such it has been a powerful force in the growth of Terrasia.



The eras of Terrasia have watched the rise and fall of Empires and the rise and fall of magic. The earlier Empires relied heavily on magic to cow and control the masses. In recent times magic has become more of a commodity to the rich.



In The Fourth Empire magic is both easily accessed by the public, and yet also a distant concept. Magic and minor spells have become an everyday occurrence, easily bought and shops and regulated with taxation and marketing. Need a cure for the flu? Run down to the shop for a potion of healing. Ever-burning candles are a minor luxury that many inner city homes splurge on.

And yet learning magic, being able to create these minor spells and enchantments is a luxury only the wealthy can enjoy. The Magic Academy or an apprenticeship with a local wizard or sorceress is expensive, costing thousands in books and boarding. Though those that graduate go on to become powerful and resourceful. Often the largest houses are owned by mages, and politicians are often educated in at least a little bit of magic.

These rules of magic and money apply mainly to the mass of country of Terrasia. There are exceptions. The Aborigine Sidhe teach magic to almost all of their ranks, they do not attend the Magic Academies and learn a different concept and schooling of magic.

Currently the Magic Academies are pitted against the University of High Knowledge. Once the Magic of the previous eras receded, becoming a luxury of the wealthy, new concepts were allowed to florish. Technology rose to fill the gaps, to allow the middle class to do things independently. Pushing in on The Mages’ money has lead to a certain bitterness between Scientists and Mages.

Instead of working together for the betterment of the country magic and science are now pitted against each other in a war of shadows and deception, each one trying to out the other.


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Systems of Magic

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